Friday, August 14, 2015

It's What Makers Do!

There is a new Niece and a new Nephew in the family, my usual gift is a handwoven blanket.  However, I don't have any woven or a warp ready to weave one.  I went last week and bought a  couple of those lovey blankets that have a teddy bear head on one corner, but I wasn't really happy, at all.

It just wasn't enough!  Then yesterday, I remembered a bootie pattern that the Yarnharlot  had posted about years ago.  It is the "Better that Booties Baby Sock" pattern, it is a free pattern on Knitting Daily.  I have wanted to try this pattern for a long time, and I thought that this just might be the moment to try it.

I didn't have any baby yarn, and I almost went out to the local yarn store, when I remembered that the white wool I have in my handspun yarn stash from the Museum of Appalachia would be perfect!  It is the right weight, and it is a creamy white.  Also, the best part is that this yarn is naturally almost felt resistant!  That means that these tiny socks will be able to go into the washer, though I will probably recommend that they don't go into the dryer.

 After chores and errands this morning, I settled in for a day of laundry and knitting.  The Yarn Harlot can probably whip these babies out in a couple of hours, but she knits like the wind!  I have a time element as well, the baby shower for the local baby is this Sunday!  (I will be mailing the other baby gift next week, so there is a little more time for that one!)

I was really motivated to get at least one sock done today!  It is amazing how much faster a sock goes if you are only using 2/3rds of the stitches you normally use.  By lunch time I had finished the tiny cuff and was working on the cute little heel.  It reminds me of a baby butt in cloth diapers somehow.  Once the heel was done, I was on to the foot which was only a very few rows of knitting.  I repeated the short row shaping for the toe and did a 3 needle bind off when it was time.

It took the better part of 4 hours for me to knit this first sock.  I am getting ready to cast on for the second sock, and I have a baseball game coming up to keep me company.  I doubt I will finish it, but I will certainly get a good head start for the morning.

On another note last week I asked if anyone knew of anything more fiddly that tatting, nobody responded, but I think I have found something all on my own, that is indeed more fiddly than tatting, but I am not quite ready to admit to it, yet!  Maybe next week!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

What a precious little sock!!! I'm sure #2 will get along nicely while you're watching the game. There is something truly unique about tatted lace....and watching someone doing it is even more enjoyable.

Theresa said...

Oh yes, the yarn harlot knits extremely fast....Lovely little sock.