Thursday, August 6, 2015

Corralling Wolves

  Maybe Tina can loan me some of her cattle panels.....I'm having trouble corralling the Pups.  Parker Pup was sad that he was without a warp, but, he's always happy to have his picture taken.  Sass Pup and Cutty Pup are big show-offs:  "Look at me!  Look at me!"  They are the happiest, though, when you are throwing the shuttle and creating something someone will love.

  Baby Julia tried to hide behind Ms. Emily.  She was so embarrassed that she was "nekkid."  I reminded her that she's getting new heddles and she would have to be patient.  Then, we can plan a new project just for her!  Ms. Emily reminded me that I need to get this towel warp off so I can load her new heddles, too! 

  And, in her usual sarcastic voice, Mighty Annee reminded me that these purses don't weave themselves!!!  Such a critic!

 And, try as I might, I could NOT get all these looms in the same room for a photo op.
  Just not gonna do it!

I need Maggie's Bella to herd them all into a holding pen of some kind!

  Schacht Spindle is having a can download the particulars here: Personal Stories Contest

  So, if you're like me, and you own a Schacht loom (or 6) or a spinning wheel or a rigid heddle, etc......, head over and check it out.

***Disclaimer:  No wolves were hurt during the photo op for this blog.

Now....about those cattle you think that would help???

Happy Weaving (and picture taking!)


Linda said...

The little pups might walk right through cattle panels! 😄

Theresa said...

I think hog panels would work, a little shorter and the wire graduates from narrow to a bit larger....What a pack of little growlers!

Tina J said...

I had to chuckle, my looms are all in one room, but they are constantly fussing at me for not finishing their warps!