Tuesday, July 7, 2015

While You Were Gone.......

While Carol is busy pickin' and grinnin' in Nashville, she thinks THIS is what we are doing in the Studio!

No, no, no......Linda just thought you needed some more blue bottles.  We had to tell her that was last year's wedding!!!!  

   See.....we were really busy today!!!  Scarves and shawls were being woven!

Darlene switched places with Lanny...she's going to try overshot on Big Bertha.  Lanny wants to just do placemats.

  Roz got the placemat warp all threaded on the Pup.

  Lanny did get a chance to catch up with Margie before he found some cones to use for weft on that black placemat warp.  They are going to look sharp!

  Meanwhile, Carol got out the little warping mill and got busy winding her new warp.

  Pat is a lady of many talents....she finished off the tapestry warp that came from Dorothy's estate.  She wove in the ends this afternoon after lunch.

  Sharon and Karin worked on the new books for the library.  There were books from Dorothy plus the ones that Carol picked up at Mid-West that needed to be added to the inventory.

  Pat worked on finding a place to put the books on basket weaving that were added today.

Jocelyn and Carl just worked steady during the day!  You might notice that lovely wool fabric that Carl is using....Christy cut those strips last week!!!

  Betsy is using up lots of ends and pieces from the stash in the Annex.  She is building this rug one color at a time!!!

Christy took the skeins of wool and wound them into balls for Betsy.

  A BIG thank you to Sharon for our treat today:
homemade Ginger Snaps!!!!! 
I don't think any made it to lunch time.....just sayin'!

Next week is the big napkin reveal and Sandwich Potluck.
  See you then, Carol!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Ginger snaps. yumm

Tina J said...

I can't believe I missed the gingersnaps! Darlene and Lanny switching looms is great! I'll be back from Grandma duty next week!

Theresa said...

Man I think you guys should share some Tuesday recipes, weaving and otherwise. Gingersnaps sound yummy.

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

I am so sorry I had to miss all the fun and the cookies.....Next week will be fun though and great to see everyone!