Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Totally Tuesday

  I apologize for the lack of pictures in today's blog.....lack of content, too!  I spent time counting thread groups for the napkin warp, so I was otherwise engaged.  After all, it's time that warp got threaded and wove!
  But, you can see we had lots of chances to catch up with each other, and do a little weaving, too!

  Karin was back with us today....she's doing much better after her fall!!!  Although Tina is looking at books in this picture, she spent most of the day doing coverlet repair.

Lanny was busy with his placemat warp.  He's really getting it done!  (Folks are still raving about his shortbread cookies!!!)

  Marie was upstairs and downstairs this morning.  (She did a heddle count for me this afternoon for the napkins....thank you!!!!)  Betsy and Sharon were on task at their looms.  In fact, Betsy finished the rug she was weaving.

  Carl had finished the rug he was working on, and needed the strips cut for his new rug.  Christy stepped in to help out.

Betsy and I celebrated our birthdays this month, and today we had cake!!!!  (Chocolate Cherry Cake from Karen-In-The-Woods' blog.)  This was all that was left at the end of the day!!!!

  Also, a BIG thank you to Bonnie for vacuuming the Studio at the end of the day.  It's amazing how much lint we can kick up!!!
  That's all for today folks.....I'll do better next week!

Happy Weaving!


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

aw shucks! glad you like that recipe!


Theresa said...

Oh one of my favorite things: chocolate and cherries together. I'm heading over for that recipe.
Great updates and it seemed like just as many pics as always. Have fun with the napkins. I just got the pillowcases threaded and am sleying.