Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pride Goeth Before The Fall

  I'm coming to you today from a known underground location.  (It can also be used as a storm shelter,   and, sometimes it is!!)
  Lurking in the corners and on nearly every available surface are many UFOs.  (That would be unfinshed objects/projects for the uninitiated.) 
  This day has been a long time coming.....but, it must be done!

  I was feeling very proud of my finished project, you see.  Not only did I complete my napkin for the Challenge, I also completed a set of four for the Fall sale.
  In my head I could envision more sets of napkins for my use and sets for the shelves.  Oh, lovely napkins!!!!

  Then......the ugly truth smacked me in the face.  A dozen placemats  had NOT been hemmed.

Then, there's that top for my daughter....she loved the fabric, by the way!  Since I wasn't sure of her pattern size, I made a mock up for her to try on (and she liked that one, too!)  School will be starting for her pretty soon, so I need to get this project knocked out.

  So, with my pride intact, I'm taking myself to my special place, and sitting down with the sewing machine and lots of pins.  I WILL get that top finished and I WILL hem those placemats.  And they WILL be finished before the FALL!!!
  "Get thee to thy special place."   Or, something to that affect..........

Happy Weaving!  (and sewing!)


Tina J said...

I'm beginning to have those same kinds of feelings! The fall shows will be here before you know it! I can't wait to see the blouse made up!

Theresa said...

LOL! Good luck.

Maggie said...

Those napkins are so pretty! It makes me want to warp!
And I'm so glad she liked the fabric. It's perfect!