Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!!!

  Maggie and I share a love of good hamburgers, onion rings and fiber.  We also share July as our birth month.  So, for the last few years, we have started celebrating our birthdays for the whole month of July....any chance that we can grab!
  Yesterday was the first of these celebrations!!!  Our first stop was The Other One.  
  Maggie heard about this little diner that is located in Oak Ridge (I didn't know about it!)  They had onion rings AND onion petals....both were delightful!  Maggie had a swiss mushroom burger and I had two sliders so I could sample different burgers.  I'm adding this place to my list!

Next up?  Atomic Fibers!
  It is a small fiber store here in Oak Ridge that I thought Maggie would enjoy.  And, as it happened, yesterday was Hawaiian Shirt Day.  I grabbed one out of my closet for Maggie so she could get 15% off of her finds.  (I had a 15% birthday coupon.)
  As true fiber junkies, we found some lovely things, of course.  And, Maggie got her picture taken for their Facebook page!

 I bought 3 pieces of fabric:  the piece on the left is the Periodic Table.  My daughter teaches Chemistry, and I thought I would surprise her with a top for school.  The other two pieces are Dr. Who.  (I really want my very own TARDIS.)

  Also pictured is my birthday reed:  a 36" four dent reed.  That means I need to finish up the warp on the Mighty Wolf or the Standard.  It's time for one of those to try something new!

  This should keep me busy for a little bit!

Our afternoon of celebration ended too soon....Maggie is teaching a cooking class at the local community college, and she needed to go get ready.
  As I passed the middle bedroom, I saw what I thought was a stuffed toy on the bed with the rabbits.  But, wait!!!!  It was just Biscuit enjoying an afternoon nap!  I'd better get the lint roller and get the fur off the quilt!!!
  Today is her yearly checkup with the vet.  Guess I'd better get ready and try to give her a quick brush!  She really hates that cat carrier.
  Talk about a wild rumpus!!!!!!

Happy Weaving!  (and celebrating!)


Theresa said...

Periodic table and tardis fabric, pretty cream yarn, burgers, onions rings and a whole month of birthday goodness! Doesn't get any better than that. Happy Birthday to you both!

Tina J said...

Happy Birthday you two! I haven't been to the yarn/quilt shop yet, but I have been to "The Other One" Yum!

Maggie said...

If you post the fabric and the intention on your blog, is the shirt going to be a surprise anymore? Surely Meghan reads your posts!
We had a lovely day, a great start to our birthday month!

Rachel Berry said...

Hope you have a great birthday this month! I'm a July (16th) baby too!
Birthday wishes,