Monday, July 20, 2015

Craft Fair

Twice a year I do the Southern Highland Craft Fair. This weekend was the July show. I pulled out items from 2 shops I have things in plus pieces I had woven and stored at home and headed to Asheville. 
I usually post pictures of what I see each day as I sit in my booth but this year it wasn't a very exciting view so instead I got some closer views of my pieces hanging. 

I really like my iPad because you can get close up views of things that my camera isn't happy focusing on.

I play with colors and try to put together ones that blend nicely.
Even though it's July, I bring the dark colors, too. Winter will be here before we're ready for it!
So, when we were loading up on Tuesday evening, we couldn't find my chair. Had no idea where it could be til the next day while driving over the mountain. We gave it away during winter sometime because it was in pretty bad shape and figured we'd buy a new one soon. That never happened. So DH went to get one. It worked fine until Friday when it showed us that it was defective and we took it back that evening. I do shows several times each year. Sitting on a low regular chair is just so weird!! I like to sit up higher so I can look at people's faces. On a low chair you are always looking up. It isn't fun. So in the next few weeks we will be ordering a good chair. Hope we don't forget!!
It's going to be a hectic week with no weaving. I shall miss my loom but hope that you have time to get some weaving done!
Until next week, weave on!!

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LA said...

Great pictures!!! Your iPad is getting the job done.