Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer is in full swing!

Me again!  I'm subbing for Lou Ann once again as she had out of town company!  Summer is indeed in full swing around here in East TN, with all it's summer bounty!

Bonnie begged us to take the squash, and Harriet brought the cucumbers.

There were comings and goings all day and I am sure I missed getting pictures of everyone, so I decided to get pictures of the backs of the warps, you know the blank canvas that is before us before we start to weave.

 Shirley, Bonnie and Miss Ila start the loom tour just as you come into the door.  Scarves and shawls are on their looms.
 Darlene has taken over this warp that is threaded as an overshot pattern.
 Carl keeps up a steady beat all day over on this rug loom.  Oh my!  It is almost time to wind a new warp!
 This loom was going to be Molly's but she is busy right now at work, so Frieda is going to get the loom loaded for it's next project, this is just a placeholder, the very end of the last warp.
 Next comes Carol's new project, threading is underway.
 Lanny has taken over the black placemat warp.
Betsy is on the rug loom in the background and Sharon is on the white placemat warp.
 On the tables in the classroom area,  Christy is busy putting on another of her fabulous bookmark warps.
Marie has put this warp in time out, until we can choose a new threading for it.  (Don't even ask!)
 Now there are a couple of looms that didn't have weavers at them today, this one is a scarf project.
 I believe this one is the one that Roz is working on.

While I was loading  these pictures, I realized how many white warps there are in the studio!  I had never really thought about it because I usually think about these warps as they are in the  finished project.  You really change the warp by adding the weft, and you can change the same warp by adding a different weft.  (You can also rethread a long warp if you get tired of weaving the same pattern over and over again, I have done it many times.)

 Back to the classroom tables, Frieda is working on a draw down of her next project at home.
 After lunch, the time came for show and tell,  Harriet had her napkins, that she had intended to bring last week, she said better late than never.
 Marie showed us how she turned a scratchy scarf into a lined sling bag!
Linda showed us a thrift store find.  She also said that there was still a mountain of yarn at the very local thrift store, really cheap!

Somehow, soon after show and tell, folks started drifting away, hmmm, I wonder how much yarn will be at that thrift store tonight, when we have picked through it all?

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

It's that "forest for the trees" syndrome! Great idea looking at the back of the looms! A good time had by all!