Friday, July 3, 2015

Just like Carol

I have a gazillion yards of 12/3 cotton warp, that I purchased at one of the historic infusions of weaving items that periodically come to the weavers at the center.  I have some of it on one of the looms in my studio, threaded as swedish lace for napkins.

It is really cool that when I use the white as weft, the napkins seem quite elegant and when I use a colored weft there is almost a country feel to the napkin, even when I use the same treadling.

I talked last Friday about this warp, and about the fact that I have a dozen or so cones of variegated slub yarn (that came with my first loom way back in 2001!) that can only be used for weft.  I thought that this warp might be really good backdrop for the crazy variegated stuff.

I chose this cone because I knew that the white warp would really tone these dark colors down.  I decided to weave off the warp in plain weave and I don't plan to do any hem stitching or anything fancy at all.  Just Plain Weave all the way!!!  Just like Carol our fearless leader!

This is how it is turning out, I think it is cool!  It gives me hope that I really can do something fun with miles of white warp and dozens of cones of variegated slubby stuff!  With the end goal being to find some more shelf and floor space in the studio!

These napkins are not technically for the napkin challenge, since I have the ones in the top picture, but if I happen to get them done, especially now since the potluck had been moved back another week, I might just bring them!

Until next week, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I love it!!! Who knew that we would come up with so many interesting items that can all be called NAPKINS!!!