Saturday, July 18, 2015

Two Very Different Warps

There have been several projects filling my spare time this week.  I have found that I like to spend the first hour of my day, before the day really begins, sipping coffee and listening to an uplifting audio book, and doing something that my hands already know how to do, but that my mind doesn't have to give it's full attention to.  Spinning yarn fits this category, and I have spun a lot of yarn over the last few years.
Now, however there is another activity that will also be an option for those predawn hours.  If you read my post last week, I am sure you already guessed it.  Kumihimo, once you have mastered the movements for a particular braid, is automatic.  Now, keep in mind I am not at this time doing super complicated patterns, but I have advanced to using 8 bobbins on the high stand I borrowed from the Weavers annex on Tuesday.

 I also borrowed a book from our library, on braiding worldwide, by Rodrick Owen.  It is called simply ""Braids"  250 patterns from Japan, Peru & Beyond".  It is a great instructional book on all kinds of braiding.

 I found some mercerized yarn in the annex, that I thought would work well for these braids, and I really think they will be fantastic!  Some of the yarns are quite thin so I will use multiple strands of those.  Others are quite thick, and I think those will add some interest.

Here is my latest attempt with 8 strands.  I am using weighted film cannisters to keep tension on the braid as I weave.  (I have ordered a batch of the wooden bobbins , or Tama, that will make this an even more pleasant experience.  I found a really good deal on seconds on Ebay, and ordered 24 of the 70g. tama.  (I will let you know how they are.)

As I was braiding yesterday morning, I realized I had made a mistake.  I tried to undo what I had done, and I thought I had had success.  However, as the braid grew, I realized that I had changed the order of the warp threads.  The real trouble is, I like the new pattern just as well, if not better,  but I don't know how I got it!

The learning continues!

Another project that has gotten my attention this week is one of  the white 12/3 100yd warps I inherited.  The small Leclerc loom was running out of warp, something I had been waiting for, and it was time to tie on some of the previously mentioned white warp.  These warps are quite narrow, and it has been my practice to use two widths of the warp to make my towels and napkins.

If you ever wondered how big 100 yds of warp is, well here you go!  That is not a small tub!

This time, I got the bright idea of tying on from both ends of the warp, turning 100yds to 50 yds, at the bat of an eye!  I think that is my favorite magic trick!  (Somehow in my feeble brain, 50 yds is not as daunting than 100yds!)

Instead of tying on thread per thread, I used the 7 thread bundles that the new warp has, and tied each bundle to 7 threads from the warp on the loom.  I did this mostly because I felt that it might be easier to tied thread per thread when the bundles reach the back of the loom.  (We shall see!  I have had not so bright ideas before!)

See the cute little bundles!

Finally, you can see here the bundles as they are approaching the trapeze.  I will lengthen the cords that are holding the weights that I am using, so that they will stay on that side of the trapeze as the bundles move nearer to the loom below.  The weights I am using right now are water bottles filled with pea gravel, not lovely but it works!

This week has been full of summertime activities, as it should be, including grandkids, barn chores, and garden.  I hope you are enjoying your mid summer or winter, as the case may be,  as well!

Take time this week to learn something new, Tina


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. For the kumihimo, I did the exact same thing with thinking I had fixed a mistake and the pattern changed. So I and ended up doing a "test" of all the patterns I could get from 2 colors or 3 colors on the basic round 8 strand braid. Here's the link to the 3 color one. Hope you find it helpful.

Theresa said...

I just wound on a 12 yard warp. Plenty long enough for me. ;-)

LA said...

You are having too much fun with your new toy! I'm so glad the kids enjoy it, too!