Monday, July 13, 2015

Phew!! Again!

We just got back late last night from Nashville. Each year we host the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention at the Sheratom Music City hotel. We've been at this hotel for our convention for over 20 years so it's almost like coming home to family when we set up each year.
Thank goodness they have cash food sales in the lobby directly across from our registration desk. Otherwise I wouldn't get any food. There isn't time to go out for anything! 
This year I thought I'd show you some of the things happening in the lobby. We have tables set up for the guys who want to sell their CDs, etc. A few years ago one of the guys who had 3 tables to sell old albums, etc, retired, so we took over the space. Some of the people that help me bring quilts, etc to sell so we use that space. This time I brought a rack of vests and jackets as well...
One group we really enjoy partnering with is the group from Muhlenberg County in Kentucky. They have a festival in September for the weekend, two days of guitar music. We go. The best part is that I get to tease Penny and Lana at their registration desk.... I have no responsibilities there!!!

Here's part of my crew. I can't do it without them. They are priceless!!!
Everyone that comes does so to relax and enjoy the music. Even guide dogs. Sally has come for about 20 years. She came first using a cane. Then she got Gable, a wonderful guide dog , but one that learnt that he could relax here as well. I mean, she was good at her job but he did take Sally to the bathroom one time when she meant to go to the restaurant....the stories we when he saw Paulette across the lobby, tore away from Sally and about bowled Paulette over in his excitement to see her. Then she lost Gable and we all mourned with her. A few years later she got Provada. I think Gable is channeling through Provada.  When Sally was standing around talking, there were a few times we caught her  like this, especially if there were someone willing to give her some love...

Morning came to show me the jacket she liked.
So we got home late last night after another successful convention with new memories of connections made and music listened to. We continue to provide good finger style guitar music and encourage young people to practice and perform. 
We'll do it again next year.
But, for now, it's back to figuring out what I have to finish in my production...
Until next week, keep weaving.

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LA said...

A great get-away for both of you! Lots of wonderful music and old friends!