Tuesday, January 20, 2015


  With all the noise going on in the studio, it's easy to guess that there's something going on downstairs!  Today we met a weaver on her way back home from a little Florida vacation!
  Say "hello" to Sarah!  She belongs to her local weaving guild in Cincinnati.  She's also a nurse!  We always enjoy telling folks about our weaving program here at the Center.

  Pat is winding a new rug warp for Carl on the warping mill.  His only request was that this one had NO knots in it!!!  She's using some New Zealand rug wool that we found a few years back.  Carol knew that we would use it sooner or later! 

  We also welcomed our newest weaver, Carol.  She has been coming on Tuesdays with her friend, Jocelyn.  I guess she has caught the weaving bug (just like the rest of us!!!)
  She got her warp wound on the warping board, and on her loom it went!  Threading will be next!

  Christy had a great set up going:  She clamped the swift on Sharon's loom and the ball winder on the table.  It didn't take too long to wind the skeins of llama she found at a local store. 

  When she finished, Carl set up the rag cutter and cut more strips for another blue jean rug.  He is ready to cut his warp off of the barn loom, but we wanted to leave the loom dressed for the weekend. 
  Sunday is the annual meeting for the Appalachian Arts Craft Center, and lots of folks will be downstairs.  (And, no one wants to see a nekkid loom!!!)  We'll be able to cut those rugs off the loom next week and get the fringes tied.  Then, we can get the new warp that Pat wound on the loom.

Carol always has time to answer questions for the weavers.  Those scarf warps are coming right along!
  Meanwhile, over in the kitchen area (because that was the only available space,) LaDonna and Ms. Ila put another scarf warp on the rigid heddle loom.  Yes...we're still using up the stash!

Linda brought her rigid heddle to work on today.  She has a lovely hounds tooth pattern on it right now.

Christy and Darlene got a chance for a little weaving talk!

  Linda got her new warp tied on and the header woven.  She's been thinking a lot about the design for the weft:  she's weaving two rugs for her family room. 

  Sharon rolled in around lunch time.........

 After lunch was also "clean up time."  With the meeting at the Center on Sunday, we wanted our weaving area to look nice.  (We all know that the looms always look nice!!!)  Those little threads had to GO!
  Thank you, Karin and the rest, for pitching in!  It was time for some of the stuff to go!

Many hands make light work!

  It's a welcome sight to see!

Happy Weaving!

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Miss you guys. Lots going on.