Monday, January 19, 2015

Almost there....

It's been another long weekend of family stuff so I didn't get much done......again! However, I did find time to get a warp on the loom. It's natural carpet warp. 20 yards. 30 inches wide. 12 epi.
Curtains to replace ones I wove well over 20 years ago for up on Mount LeConte at the lodge there. Last year I wove curtains to replace ones in 5 cabins. This year they asked me to replace curtains in the other 5 cabins.

On a warp this important, I did have DH help me wind the warp on. It's the only time I get help. Otherwise, I do it all myself. My space isn't big for the loom, so I manage quite well warping alone but this time I didn't want any weird stuff to happen to it so he helped.
Carpet warp dye is a bit tricky. I will be adding some accent red again in the weft. I skeined off some cones of the red and rinsed them to remove excess dye, finishing with some retayne in the last water. They dried over the weekend so my first job will be to ball them back up and wind the shuttles.
Then I'll get on it.
Once this warp is done, I'll do it all over again because each warp is only enough for 5 windows, 10 panels. Each cabin has 2 windows. I'll be weaving a total of 20 panels again.
Good thing there's good stuff recorded on the DVR or I'll just turn on HGTV again.

I'm hopeful that the family stuff is over next weekend. I'm ready to be able to do things I"d like rather than obligations. I'll let you know!
Until next week, keep weaving and stay warm!


LA said...

I love it that you weave the curtains for the cabins on LeConte. They are lucky to have them.

Bonnie said...

How exciting to make curtains for cabins.