Thursday, January 29, 2015

Place Mat Challenge

  As we set up for our Fall shows, I was struck again by the lack of sets of place mats we had on the shelves.  So many times, folks want matching sets of 6 or 8.  We had a great selection....but not many that were all the same.  So, I issued a challenge to my fellow weavers to weave a set of 12 place mats by 29 September!  (I could envision the shelves stocked with a variety of wonderful place mats!)
  That means ME, too!!! 
  This is a great opportunity for me to do some stash reduction, so I took a good look at what needed to be used up and what threads I could use to get the job done.  I had two of these rolls of fabric that weigh 15 pounds....this would be a great place to start.
  I use a rolling laundry cart with a thick dowel through the cone to make my rolling station.

  My challenge with this fabric was the large white areas.  The pretty color print is near the selvedge edge, which also has a little fringe.  With my rag cutter clamped to the kitchen table, I cut two inch sections.  The last piece, which was close to the edge where the pattern was, got cut into one inch pieces for the mats.  I saved the fringe area for another project for other day!

  On Tuesday, Josie asked what I was using to cut the strips:  I have a Fraser Rag Cutter that I bought when I first started weaving.  I love rag weaving, and I soon tired of using my rotary cutter....and tearing the strips leaves a wee fringe.  Now, that's OK sometimes....but, not always!
You can read about the Fraser here:  Fraser Rugs
  You can sometimes find them on eBay, too.  And, there are other rag cutters out there....this is just what I use.

  While I was cutting my strips, I thought about the colors I wanted to use for my warp.  I tried out several combinations, but finally settled on two shades of green, two shades of blue and two shades of pink.

  I wound a 13 yard warp on the mill, and starting winding it on the loom Tuesday night.  The last couple of yards look like a tangled mess, but it went on like a charm!
 I use the "yank and crank" method.

  Threading started last night....and I just now realized that I have to rethread it today!!!!  No big deal....I meant to thread it using my plain weave-basket weave pattern!!  I can fix that.
  ***By the way....I'm still loving the stool for threading and sleying.  It goes down for threading and up for sleying!!!!

***Full disclosure:  this isn't my picture!  I borrowed it from the local TV station....but this is identical to what I saw this morning.
  Wouldn't that make a great warp!!!

  After this glorious sunrise this morning, and some lovely sunshine, the showers have moved in.  They should move out this afternoon....just in time for my daily run to the post office.  Isn't it great when a plan comes together!
Happy Weaving (and threading and sleying!)


Roxie said...

Really looking forward to seeing that set of placemats. Excellent choice of versatile, marketable colors!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about your stool.