Monday, January 5, 2015

Check off 2!

So 2 of the things I wanted to finish are now checked off the list! They're not big. This first one is less than 40 inches square but makes a cute table topper. I know I bought a charm pack a few years ago and got a book for small pieces. I don't usually follow a pattern but this one was going to challenge my ability to sew things accurately and I kind of liked how it looked so I went for it. 
 Machine quilting was easy, just stitch in the ditch. Almost took longer to tack the binding on the back by hand than to do all the quilting. I love the cheery bright colors. It'll look great on the table in spring.
 The other piece is about half the size and again, I used a charm pack of Christmas fabrics I had. Sometimes you're just tempted by the colors and patterns in a pack of 5 inch squares. It's fairly cheap so you get it. Then you have to figure out a pattern to use. Again, I used a pattern in a book. It's easy to sew if you're careful.
 I'm a sucker for Christmas fabric.
I have a couple of more pieces to finish. Both are baby quilts that will be nice for the stash. Sometimes machine quilting is good when you only have a few minutes before something else has to be done.
No weaving or yarn touching even this past week, except for Tuesday. This week as well, there won't be much unless I get lucky. Family stuff will take up most of the week again. I'll be glad when I can get back to just thinking about weaving for awhile.

I am pulling out some yarn today for the next warp and hope to get the plan going. If not, it'll probably be next week before it gets on the loom.
Until then, hope you get a chance to weave on your looms. I hate that mine are all empty right now.
They do call me!
Stay safe and warm!

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Bonnie said...

Wow! I just love those bright colors. That would brighten up a room right now, with all the gray dark days. Love it. The Christmas one is nice. I like all those seasonal patterns.