Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weaving Friends

  Get those looms set up and you're ready to weave, right?
   No.....spend some time with your weaving friends!!!!  That's important, too!

  Weaving friends also help you get your warp on your loom!

  And, they like to talk about weaving!

Your weaving friends are always glad to see you....especially if you have been away for awhile.  And, they appreciate the items you wove while you were gone!

  Weaving friends will help you through the beginning stages when it all seems so confusing.   Then, they'll laugh with you when you tell them how you messed up on your latest project.

They admire quality work, like this queen size coverlet that Carl is donating for the auction at the Center.

It's a work of art by a great lady.

  And, boy!  Can they cook!   Potluck lunches are the BEST!

  Weaving friends love to see what you have been weaving. 

   And, they help you plan weaving for the coming year.
Just to be truthful, today's blog was powered by that blueberry doughnut on the left.

Happy Weaving!

p.s.   Weaving friends sometimes bring you fresh doughnuts!  (Right, Karin?)



Theresa said...

That was one powerful donut! YUM!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

So nice to see your weaving studio again! And friendly faces.