Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

  The Tuesday Weavers got a snow day!!!
  Now....it doesn't hold a candle to what Juno did in the Northeast, but we got enough to close Anderson County schools (the Center is in Anderson County) and a lot of the schools in the northeast part of Tennessee.  Carol sent out an email this morning, and told us to enjoy our day off and stay off of slick roads!

  We know what Carol is doing:  working on those curtains for the cabins on LeConte.

  I have been cutting fabric strips for my challenge placemats.  I hope to wind the warp this afternoon!!!

Tina spend the morning with Dear One's Mom, and I understand she's in her studio this afternoon.

  Betsy is with a granddaughter that is under the weather.  I hope she feels better soon!

  Carl told me that he has some weaving to work on at home.  He'll cut off those rugs at the Center next week.

  Sharen (who lives by Norris Lake) said that they had ice and snow, but she was cozy inside.

  Sharon, who lives in my neck of the woods, said that she walked her dogs this morning.....it was COLD!


  Marie has tied on her warp, and it looks like she's ready to weave!  

The report from "Good, Ole Rocky Top" came from Shirley, who is celebrating the birth of her new GREAT grandson.  Kellin was born yesterday:  Congratulations to the happy family!

  And, Karin assures us that she, too, is safe and warm on Rocky Top weaving on her Bound Weave project.

  It would seem that the Tuesday Weavers are using their time wisely!
Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

What are you using to cut your strips in that photo? - Josie

Theresa said...

So it would seem the days was used wisely and with lots of fun, even if it wasn't communal.
Best to have a little of good thing than the whole 3 feet. My folks are happy they aren't in MA right now that's for sure.