Thursday, January 1, 2015


  OK...I'll admit it....I stole this picture from The Woolery's post on Facebook. 
  It just kinda summed up my thoughts for today.  I have so many new projects banging around in my head....and they all want to be FIRST!
  Of course, that doesn't count the projects that are still on looms that need to be finished! :-(

  This project was finished at the stroke of midnight last night!  It involved raveling these placemats and balling up the weft.
  I HATE these mats!  Just sayin'!!!
I think they were one of the first projects I did after I learned to weave, and I was using some give-away stash for the warp.  UGLY!!!!  That was the year I made a placemat for everyone that was here for the family gathering at Christmas, and they got to take home their placemat.  While at the family gathering this year, I gathered these up and brought them home.  By next Christmas, I should have them rewoven for my niece.
  This would have gone a lot faster if I hadn't had so much help!

  With that project taken care of (to be woven at a later date) I put on a warp for a little project that my niece asked me about.  This is just a test warp....I'll let you know how it goes.

  I'm using Peaches & Creme for the warp and weft, and I love how it weaves.  There aren't lots of long color changes, which just gives hits of color here and there.

 A new year and new is good!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Wow not even two flu days into the new year and you have weaving to show.....:)
Looks great too!

Theresa said...

two FULL days, not flu days. silly early morning typist that I am...

Bonnie said...

I used Peaches and Cream for warp and weft on baby blankets. It wove very nicely and washed up very good.