Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Round and Round and Round It Goes!

 Today was Explore Spinning Day with the Tuesday Weavers.  Since we love to play with fiber, it's always a good idea to give folks an opportunity to try something new.  You just never know.......

  Tina pulled out the drop spindles....that's always a good way to start.

  There were also different wheels for folks to try.  Tina even brought her Great Wheel.

  We also welcomed a new weaver:  Harriet.

It was a busy day to begin weaving, but she had her warp wound on the table loom before the end of the day!

  Sharon and Linda missed the big group picture (we made it first thing this morning) so I made sure they got shots.  (I haven't mastered photoshopping folks into pictures!)

  We were also missing Pat, Christy, Linda B. and Sharen!

  And, just so you know, some of the weavers actually got some weaving done today!!!!

  Betsy got started on her Inkle loom warp.  She can get some more pointers from Christy when she's there.

  Karin's husband, Jerry, came by to deliver the threading stand he made (those come in so handy!)  Jerry also made the belt shuttle that Betsy is using with her Inkle loom.  A bunch of weavers had their wish lists handy to ask him about.

  You can see LaDonna in the background winding off the art yarn she plied today.  We'll get to see that in one of her woven items!!!!

  Today was just one of those days you had to be there to believe it!!!  All kinds of busy!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Sorry I missed all the fun but trust me, you didn't want me there.

Bonnie said...

What a great bunch. Lots going on. Looks like fun

Theresa said...

All kinds of busy and all kinds of wonderful! Great group pic BTW.