Monday, January 12, 2015

Still Not..

Weaving, that is. I'm still not able to get any warp on the loom. My looms are so sad. Ok, I could finish that shawl on the rigid heddle but the call from it isn't as strong as the call from my floor looms. 

I did get one baby blanket done. I don't know where the quilt top came from. I found it in my mother in law's stash of stuff. It is so cute!!! The little guys are in a fuzzy fabric. What little guy wouldn't love to drag this blanket around with one hand while sucking his thumb with the other?!!

 I found some backing flannel that worked with these textured fabrics and machine quilted it. I love to machine stitch the binding on and then turn it to the back and hand tack it down.
 I'm thinking of tracing the pattern of these individual guys to have as a pattern in the future. Even if I didn't use the fuzzy fabric for his body, he'd be very nice on a blanket.
 Might even think of a few more poses for him.....or her if I accented it in more feminine colors.
I do hate to say I'm not getting much done but the family obligations have stretched to longer than I thought when we started this. I am hopeful that within 2 weeks that part will be done and I will be able to start work. I have to weave some curtains before the end of February and the warp's not wound.

 I did have time to pull out my notes and I know exactly what to do. This is why it's so important to make notes of what you weave. I originally wove them well over 20 years ago. I'm replacing ones that are wearing out. The lodge is on top of Mr LeConte and there really isn't any climate control. They used to use kerosene heaters up there. However, now they heat with  something that isn't so hard on the fabrics. I think it's a really good testament for the use of carpet warp for something that will get hard wear. They are brought down each November or so on the backs of llamas, whenever the season is over, to be washed in winter and then air lifted back up to the lodge in March, for another season of tired hikers to enjoy in their cabins.

Today is a yucky, rainy day here in East Tennessee. I"m just glad it's not a few degrees colder or we'd be sunk with ice. It's a perfect day to get some work done. I have just a few hours today so I may end up just sewing on another set of baby quilts I"m piecing. Wednesday is free for winding that first curtain warp. I'm looking forward to it!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

That quilt looks so cuddly! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt. Will borrow that pattern!!!!

Bonnie said...

Very nice quilt.