Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarn Crawl!

How far would you go for yarn?  Would you travel to the far corners of the world?  Or the far corners of Tennessee?
  LouAnn and I traveled to the very most north eastern tip of the state today, in search of yarn that called to us.  We went to four stores today that are participating in the East Tennessee Yarn Crawl, from Rogersville to Kingsport to Johnson City and Blountville.  We had our favorites, and one neither of us cared for, which shall remain unnamed.  But we had a good time, and we bought yarn at three of the four stores.

There are 8 more stamps needed on our passports, but we need to wait until next week.  The crawl ends on the 22nd, so we can't waste any time.  We need to pace ourselves, and our budgets, but will continue on, seeing new parts of the state.   From almost in Kentucky to almost middle Tennessee, we will crawl on, in search of fibery adventures.
  Care to join us?


LA said...

Yummy fiber fun!!! Is there such a thing as fiber overload????

Tina J said...

I can just hear Lou Ann, "sooooo soft!" One year I will join in the crawl.