Monday, June 9, 2014

Check it off the list!

Sometimes when I weave, the warp I'm working on is so soothing colorwise, you hate to see it end. That's what this warp was like. The side color is indigo, then wisteria for the lighter stripes and in the middle is navy. I wove it with the indigo color. I just love the way it looks, a bit darker than this picture portrays it. It'll be fun to do the cutting and serging, sewing and finishing once I get to it in the finishing process!

 Remember back in January when I was in Canada? I finished 2 baby quilts. I brought all the scraps home and bought a couple of small pieces to make another one. This one is different in alot of ways but the colors and fabrics are so similar.
The friend I'm giving it to is due tomorrow so I've got to get it into the mail this week. That's why I finally got to it and finished it!
 The main blocks are 4 patches and the rest are variations on that, depending on what I had cut out before, what was left of those fat quarters and what I could scrounge from the earlier projects. I did decide to put a strip between each block this time. It's 1/2 inch finished strip is narrow but effective. Where the blocks meet in the corners, it's hard to see, but there's a half inch square there. The strips are green with tiny ducks and the corners are blue with the tiny ducks.
This quilt isn't as much a boy or girl quilt but will be fun for the baby to point to the differnet animals, people, etc on the fabrics. BTW, it's a girl! Her other 2 children were a boy and a girl and their quilts were definitely for a boy or girl. This was a bit of a change.
I've got a couple of projects on the way as well for baby quilts but haven't got the time right now to work on them.

I've got a new warp on the loom today. It's white. How do you take a picture of that? I'm hoping to get it off this week as well so I can get a more interesting warp on but the solid colors sell and fit nicely into people's wardrobes so I do them too.

We're in full summer here, usually quite warm days and the air conditioner is humming away. My sister wrote Saturday that the lilacs are in full bloom. I'm so jealous. They were starting to form buds when we were up there just a couple of weeks ago. Now she's enjoying them!!
My geraniums are about to bloom again. Does that count?!!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Bonnie said...

I love that baby blanket. As usual you color combinations are phenomenal. I should be back to weaving after my family visit next week. I can't wait.