Monday, June 23, 2014

A Bit of Glitz

A few months ago, Linda told us about a weaver that had sort of inherited the contents of a weaving shop and was selling the yarn for a good price. Well, can't pass that up. 4 of us headed toward the mountains to the home where the yarn was. We all had a good time and our stashes increased that day!!
I found some very fine, glittery yarn. It's awfully hard to capture the color but I put a white warp on and wove a top and couple of vests using the weft I normally use plus a strand of the very fine shimmery yarn. 
 The pieces look so pretty. There's just the right amount of shimmer on them to wear somewhere special.

Then I wove some pieces with this other accent yarn wound together with the white weft. This yarn you can see much more vividly and the combination of colors works nicely.
This accent yarn I could see wound with some other colors as well. I'll be planning some warps to use this accent with different colors.
The accent is very fine. It's going to take a long time to use up the cone of shimmer!!
I washed the pieces after taking it off the loom and they washed up nicely. Sometimes you get a good deal on a cone of yarn. Kind of balances out with the price we sometimes pay for a yarn we love but costs alot!

I've been weaving alot the past few weeks. The last warp is going on the loom this morning before total chaos reigns at our place. Each summer is like this. This Thursday Pierre is flying in from France and next Tuesday Yves is coming. Then we know it's officially time to get nametags done for the convention we do each summer in Nashville. I won't be weaving again til the end of July. It's a good thing that I have several projects planned for then. Coming back from the next few weeks of activities, it's good to know that something is ready for me to work on. I won't have to think about what to weave, just grab a box of yarns and start winding a warp!

On an aside, remember those kittens I wrote about a few weeks ago at my sister's house? Well, my nephew and his wife drove over from Winnipeg to pick up 2 of them this weekend. Of course we had to know which ones they picked and how they were doing driving all day. Plus, how were the 2 that stayed handling it's amazing the personalities of the little fluffballs that are growing up! The 2 that stayed were looking for the others yesterday but we were glad that they had each other to play with. My sister now has a couple of kittens that are going to be good cats for her for years to come and my nephew has as well!

So, until next week,
Keep Weaving!

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LA said...

I loved the picture on FB....both parties look very happy! The bling looks good with that warp...that will look great in your jackets.