Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tuesday Rundown

It never fails.....folks arrive and just get busy.  There's always something that needs to be done.
  Tina and I pulled out yarn kits to complete:  The Museum was out of Straw Loom Kits, we needed some upstairs in the shop, and Margi is doing a workshop at the children's store next week.
  You can see Karin's rugs that she finished on the table.  They are ready to be tagged and taken upstairs.

  Christy started warping her Inkle Loom for another run of bookmarks.
  Karin warped the last loom for Kids Camp--that makes four looms for the kids to weave on while they are there.  (This also gave Karin more practice on warping a loom!!!)

   Carol welcomed our newest weaver, Madeline.  She has been weaving on her rigid heddle loom, and now she's ready for the four harness experience!

Pat is still working on the warp that Ann put on the Rocker Loom.  (There was a lot of wool yarn to use up from the stash!!!)  She was trying out some different clasp techniques today.

Carl finished the "quilt top" rug, and started another rug using some bright fabric strips.

  Look at the intense concentration on Molly's face!!!!   She got a lot done on her scarf warp today.

  Jocelyn cut off her warp this afternoon....just take a look at her weaving!!!

  Lanny got a lot woven on the lace can really get in the rhythm on that pattern. 

Betsy is planning a new warp at home, and
asked Carol for advice on her yarn selection. it 8/2 or 10/2????

NOT a new weaver....but Linda brought Cerin to Tina for his vacation time.  He'll keep Tina's little one company for a little while.

****Sorry this is late being posted.  We had a terrible storm yesterday afternoon, and my power just NOW came back.

Happy Weaving!

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