Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Time to Weave

 This weekend, I promised myself I'd sew some nightgowns.  I rearranged the sewing room to get the NordicTrack Ann gave me out of the middle of the room, and the sewing machine with a pleasant view.  But don't you know, that pleasant view was of the vegetable garden, and the yard beyond, and I just couldn't stay inside.
  I found some Crimson Pygmy Barberries in the Near-Death plant rack at Lowe's which turned out to be half the already low, low price, and they were perfect for the scar left behind by KUB a couple of years ago.  I also got a Mountain Laurel to keep my 3-year-old Laurel company, since it seems to be so slow growing.
  And then, the flower bed and vegetable garden needed weeding.  A moving van parked in the middle of the sidewalk garden last week, and the crushed Black Eyed Susans needed attention.  Why?  Why would someone park a moving van in the middle of what is obviously a bed of flowers? And for whom?  None of my immediate neighbors is moving!  Some things are just unanswerable.  Lucky for the driver of the van, I was in the shower when it happened.  My neighbor reported it after the fact.
  I have harvested my first red tomato today, and head-on, it's gorgeous.  Alas, turn it over, and it has some ugliness.  But I will eat it with my beef curry for dinner, with a side of quickly sauteed okra.  Look, LouAnn!  I'm eating my okra!  But if you want any, stop on by at any time!  I will be glad to give you some!

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LA said...

You know I LOVE fried okra...and your pickled okra is to die for! Your garden is going like gangbusters!!!!!