Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do I Really Need More Yarn????

What a silly question!
Do you even dare ask a fiber-holic if they need more yarn????

  These are the ladies in Maggie's knitting group, and they allowed a non-knitter to join them on the west leg of the 2014 Yarn Crawl.  We hit Cookeville, Crossville and Lenoir City.  It was lively conversation all the way there and back.

There was also knitting going on in the car.

Maggie snapped these pictures....but she didn't get one of her knitting on her socks!!!!!


  We got our passports stamped at each of the shops....Maggie is determined to get all her stamps.   (Me?  I've done all I'm going to do.)

  The Linsey yarn I picked up at Sandy's shop, Clinch River Yarns.  It's cotton and linen, and I'm thinking it will make a wonderful little scarf to wear this summer.  I stopped by on Tuesday after I left the Center.
  The Sunseeker and Bamboo Pop were my selections from yesterday. 
I'm noticing that there is a color theme running through my yarn choices here lately.....hummmm.

  It is so nice to see our local businesses doing so well, and events like the yarn crawl showcase these creative folks.  It also gives fiber-holics like me a chance to try some yarns I might not try otherwise.

   I'm thinking that when the temperature is in the 90's this afternoon, I might grab my hook and try that little scarf pattern. 
  But....which yarn will I pick first?????

Happy Fiber Whatever!!!!


Maggie said...

Almost done! Two shops to go! Thanks for coming along, and good luck on the door prizes, LouAnn!

Theresa said...

Whew! Glad you answered your own question! Of course you need more yarn!!
So glad things are doing well there, we are in a little yarn slump here in Southern Oregon. Webster's and the one other store in Medford is going out of business, but plans to re-open with different ownership.
We'll see how that goes....
My bet is you use the Lindsey first.