Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Lot Of Fiber

  Yes....Karin's totebag just sums it up:
A Weaver's Diet:
A little wine, a lot of fiber!

And, it happened again today....there was a large donation on the tables when we arrived at the Center.  This looked to be a quilter's stash with several quilt tops included.  Some of the blocks looked like flour sack fabric had been used.   You don't get to see a lot of that now days!

  Many of our travelers were back, and they got right to work on their projects at the looms.  Placemats, rugs and towels are on the agenda at these looms.

  Ms. Ila was feeling better, and able to be with us today.  Of course she got right to work on her scarf warp.
  Sharen took advantage of one of the rare times the warping board was not being used, and got a warp wound for herself.
  She wove this poncho using some her hand dyed bamboo.  

On the left is the towel warp that Cindy wound on the Baby Wolf before she left.  I was able to get a couple of inches of it threaded today.

  Pat and Carl kept the old looms working on schedule.  

  Madeline is learning to do hemstitching with Carol.  She has bought her first floor loom, and is already planning LOTS of projects.

   Pat brought the throw she wove at home for the group to see.  She had a grand time just playing with the overshot treadling.  This is a cotton warp with Harrisburg wool for the pattern.

Bonnie wove her hand dyed bamboo scarf and added some bling to the fringes. 

   Linda's cloth beam was getting really full, so she wove in some sticks and cut off the warp on the rug loom.

  There were 10 rugs wound up on that beam!!!

  She and Carol got out the serger to finish the edges so they can be hemmed.

  Christy had finished the warp on her Inkle loom, and today she was warping a new color-way.  
  By the way....thank you, Bonnie, for the squash and cucumbers!  (Her garden is going crazy!!!!)  Don't you just love fresh produce?

Fiber is a GOOD thing!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Thanks for the low down, I should be there next week. My Summer is crazy!

Theresa said...

Beautiful stuff and look at all those handsome rugs!!!!

Maggie said...

Linda's rugs are beautiful! And the hand-dyed show and tell items are lovely, too.