Monday, June 2, 2014

Back at it!!

I'm always glad to be back at my loom!
We had such a good time visiting family in Canada but it's nice to be back home and my regular routine! There are always interruptions of many kinds, but having time to weave is awesome.
Also, I've been weaving alot of solid colors, reds or greens.....and soon white. However, these past few days I wove a long warp of purples with fuchsia in the middle.
These will be jackets, tops and vests when they're done but the initial part of weaving has happened and they're ready to be serged and washed.
On the down side, when I weave I watch mindless TV, reruns of NCIS or Castle or whatever I feel like watching (well, mostly listening). DH got me a DVR for the TV at this loom and I often record stuff and then watch it. Well, the machine is defective. It'll just go black for several seconds, sometimes very frequently. So on Saturday DH took it back and they gave him a new one. A long phone call or two later, he found that they'd given him the wrong machine so back he went for another one. We think we have the right one now but Comcast has to do something over the phone to get it going. We've been unable to get them to do it so far and it probably will be tomorrow evening before that happens. Last time they had to come out to make it work. I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't have to happen again this time.
I'm putting on a new warp today. I need something to keep my mind busy while I wind and thread that warp. So I'm on my fall back plan. I have a little mp3 player loaded with books. Saturday I was at Hobby Lobby and they had some cool little headphones. Hot pink and purple and green. I bought a set because I know DH won't "borrow" them like he does the ones he's let me have before. So I'll put on my headset, listen to a book and get to work on that new warp which just happens to be a few shades of blue!
So it's back to work here. Hope you're having a productive week as well.
Until next Monday, keep weaving.


Bonnie said...

Glad you had a great time with family. Love that purple and fuchsia. It will make beautiful tops and vest.

Theresa said...

Welcome back and that's some lovely weaving!

LA said...

Sounds like you have some great fabric for your Fall shows. Welcome home!