Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Young Ones

  She's a local little Daisy from the Museum of Appalachia!

  You can read about her on Facebook at the Museum of Appalachia page (and watch her cute little video.)  She was upstairs in the office when I went in for lunch I didn't get to see her.  It won't be much longer 'til she's out for everyone to see.


These guys were making the rounds today!

Momma peafowl was showing off her little chicks to the delight of all the visitors.  All the peacocks were strutting around taking the credit for these small wonders.

All the while, I was busy with the first rug for this year in the Loom House.

Brianna and Will stopped by and helped out throwing the shuttle.  You just never know if you have met a weaver-in-the-making.

  There was even a couple from England, and we had a lively discussion!  They were really enjoying their visit to the Museum.
  I got 24 inches woven on this rug today, and I'll need to get some more blue jean strips ready to finish it.  The next weaving day for me is the 4th of July----Anvil Shoot!!!!!  That's always so much fun.  (After reading Tom Knisely's book, I cut these strips one inch wide.  They are packing in very nicely!)

  Right before I was ready to leave, I heard  a big Baaaaaaaaa coming from the field in front of the cabin.  Here came one of the Spring lambs calling to the flock.  It doesn't seem like that long ago that he was the same size as Daisy. 
  They sure do grow up too quickly.

Happy Weaving!

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Maggie said...

Lots of sweet young things in this post!