Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yarn Crawl--Part 2

It's been an interesting couple of days....just saying!

  As Maggie told you yesterday, we are taking part in the East Tennessee Yarn Crawl.  She had coffee all ready for me when I got to her house yesterday morning (I had been without power since Tuesday afternoon.)  Because I was late getting there, we skipped our first planned stop and headed to the Tri-Cities area.

We hit four yarn stores in four different towns, and I got yarn in 3 of the stores.  It was just too much fun!  I did find it interesting that they are just now talking about adding rigid heddle looms.  They were surprised that Maggie and I weave in addition to our other fiber addictions.  Maybe we gave them just the nudge they needed!

Next week we'll hit a few more shops in the opposite direction, as well as my local yarn shop, Clinch River Yarns.  ('re still my favorite!!!)

It's raining again....but no storms.  It just so happens that my book arrived today, so this is what I'll be doing tonight (and many nights to come!  It's only 814 pages this time.)

  I'll get a little weaving done before we head off next week.

Happy Fiber Pursuit!


Maggie said...

Look out, middle Tennessee! Here we come, crawling for yarn!

Theresa said...

Gosh, we don't have enough yarn stores left to have even a roll over let alone a crawl. Have fun. Hope you get your power back on. I haven't read a D.Gabaldon novel in too many years. I need to catch up ....

Tuesday Weavers said...
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Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Diana is my fa ofite author. I am hoping I can get a. Autograph. Copy of this book.