Monday, November 11, 2013


This past weekend was wonderful! We left Knoxville early Thursday morning and headed east. By late afternoon we were on the coast. The ocean was right there, just beyond the dunes, a hundred feet or so from the villa we were staying in. We were on Kiawah Island for Earl Klugh's Jazz Festival.
 The festival kicked off with an outdoor event Thursday evening at Mingo Point. They had a big lowcountry buffet this year for us. We sat at picnic tables and listened to music. The guy performing is named Eugene Grove but his stage name is Euge Groove. Lots of sax but some guitar there too!!
 Kiawah Island is quiet, restful. Animals are allowed to be where they want to be. Just across from our villa we saw this deer feeding. We're afraid he got hit by a car or something because his left rear leg was injured. Otherwise, he seemed ok, wasn't afraid of us when I took these pictures as did other people that happened to be there.
 Friday evening the music began at 7pm. It was also outside but at The Sanctuary. Our seats were about half way down so I was able to get some good pictures this time with my camera. The first group was Spyro Gyra. Cindy, this one's for you! I'm sorry you couldn't have been there with us. You'd have enjoyed them immensely!! At least 2 of them are original band members and the others have been with them a long time so they definitely were in the groove, comfortable with playing their tunes.
 I thought this was amazing. He's playing both instruments at the same time!!! That's control!
 After the intermission we heard Al Jarreau, another guy who's been around for a long time and fun to listen to. His voice is something else!! He's also been married for 45 years to the same woman! He said as long as he brings home the milk and the money, it's all good!
 Saturday the concert began at 4pm. This was the view of the ocean from my seat. See the heaters? We needed them. Friday evening it was cooler and the heaters were going full blast. It was a bit warmer Saturday, partly because it began earlier but still, the concert went til 8 so the heaters were nice. People dressed for the cool temperatures and the music kept us excited but still, heaters were needed!!
 Starting this concert was the man himself, Earl Klugh. He put on a great show.
 Earl's a shy guy but he sure puts everything he has into the music he plays.
 You see them playing on stage and just by how they play, their expressions, you know they're having fun. It's so much better to listen to when you know that they're enjoying being there, having a good time, playing off each other. I didn't take pictures of all the others on stage with him that took breaks and kept the sound going.
 After intermission it was the one I'd been waiting for: Burt Bacharach.......he played for well over an hour with singers doing the vocals on some of them, he sang on others. You know, when you have about 500 people sitting there, most middleaged and above who know all the songs, when they start playing them, the audience can't be quiet. We sang too. There were some that you couldn't help yourself but sing. When he did the medley of movie tunes, of course when Raindrops Keep Falling on your Head began, we sang. So as that finished, he said, stop, we're going to do that song again and the whole song, not just the part that's in the medley......and he led the sing along! Fun!!
 He had his trademark scarf on and tennis shoes!
 After his encore, he brought out Earl who was honored to be there. Earl says that Burt is his all time favorite musician and I can just imagine how he felt being out there with him.
 Earl's favorite song that Burt does is Alfie. DH says it's got some complicated chords in it so that's what makes it so interesting.
 I like this picture. It captures the fun they were having onstage.
So we headed back to the mountains and over to Knoxville yesterday. It's back to reality now! Today I start getting everything ready for the show this weekend. We'll be setting up on Thursday for the 3 day show. Tuesday Weavers will have a booth beside mine and we'll do our best to sell some of the things we've made so we can make some more!
Until next week, carry on and listen to some Bacharach. It'll bring back the memories!!


LA said...

Bacharach certainly contributed to the songbook of my era!!! I bet that was a blast just singing along to all the familiar songs!

Theresa said...

Totally awesome! Wasn't BB married to Dionne Warwick back in the day.....

Bonnie said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun.