Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time For Reflection

Our last show for this year, and time to reflect on what went right, and what we want to do differently next year. 

  It was neat hearing what items sold, and brainstorming items we would like to add to our stock for next year.

The first thing we did this morning was separate the items brought back from the show, and check off items that were going back upstairs to the shop.  Roz and Shirley stayed busy checking off inventory to go upstairs.  Tubs were emptied and stored away for next year.

  Then it was back to the business at hand....like the building committee meeting tonight!!!!
  Christy, Karin and Cindy have been busy putting together our proposal for additional weaving space.  (And, would you believe we might be adding two new students AND two new looms next week???)  They have pulled our loom inventory as well as volunteer hours and the income we have generated for the Center.  I'm looking forward to reading this document later!!!!

And, of course there was weaving going on in the studio!  Carl finished another rug today....that makes eight on the cloth beam.

Jocelyn cut off her first warp.....APPLAUSE!!!!!  Then, Carol got her busy winding a new warp for her loom.

Eiko and Ms. Ila went right back to the warps they had been weaving on.....I think they both finished those up today!

Linda was busy lining up blue jean legs to sew together for her next rug.  (Prep time seems to take forever!!!!!)

Marie went back to work winding her towel warp at the back warping board.  Is that an 18 yard warp???

Pat is taking over Lee's Surrender on Big Bertha.  She got a great start today. 

  Just look at that painted warp!  That is going to be a beautiful scarf, Julia!!!!!

I think we're getting back to normal (or whatever is normal for the Tuesday Weavers!) 

A BIG thank you to all the Tuesday Weavers who worked at the Foothills show this weekend.  They did a fantastic job!

Happy Weaving!

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