Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Pie in the Sky

I've just returned from Slow Food Tennessee Valley's 3rd Annual Pie Contest, this year held at the Knoxville Botanical Garden.  I wish I had taken more photos, but I was too busy talking to friends and eating pie.
  There were savory and sweet pies, and some very imaginative ones.  Like Brussel Sprout Pie.  Venison Pie, with the ingredient list starting with Bambi Parts.  My friend Cindy made Daikon Radish Pot Pie and a beautiful pink Prickly Pear Chiffon Pie, made with prickly pear fruit from Tuesday Weaver Pat's garden.  My pie was the apple streusel pie, shown in the photo in the back left.  The other two pies were recipes I was trying for us to sell at the restaurant for the holidays.
  The pie dinner was lovely.  What a great idea, too, an entire dinner of pie.  All of which is to say that I have done nothing of note fiber-wise this week.  I have tied on a second ball of pink yarn to the beaded shawl, and have finished another repeat of that pattern, but you really don't need to see another photo of that, do you?
  I'm hoping that having this coming Tuesday off will make me want to tackle something in the weaving room, but I'm afraid I said that last week, didn't I?  I'll write about it here next Sunday if I do, though!  The rest of you keep on weaving!  Maggie

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LA said...

A whole dinner of pies???? Sounds like heaven to me! And, what a lovely place to have your dinner.