Monday, November 4, 2013

Another One Done

With just another week before we have to set up for the Foothills Craft Guild show, I decided to get this warp woven. It's a really nice red, redder than it shows on the picture.
 The black and blue gray in the middle certainly add a lot of interest to the project.
 I'll have my work cut out for me this week, getting the items finished before the show in a week!

Got that baby quilt done too! Yesterday afternoon I was handtacking the binding to the back of the quilt.  Did you figure out the theme of the quilt?
 It's the Berenstain Bears. About a year ago they came out with a couple of series of fabrics with this theme. I have a stack that will end up as baby blankets after I make a twin size quilt or two....but this one's theme is actually more school related, with numbers, alphabets and math and teachers, kids at desks, etc.
 I really like the back.  Every kid likes to play. The recipient of this blanket is about 6 months old now.  He'll grow into the blanket and relate to the games and, hopefully, learn to read the letters and numbers on the fabrics. As a retired first grade teacher, and knowing how nice it is when a child starts school knowing some of the letters already, here's my contribution to that cause!!
This morning I'll pack up both quilts and ship them to the recipients. The boys are cousins and here's hoping they'll like to drag the quilts around with them as they play and then lay down to nap!

That's all I"ve done work related this past week. This week I'll try to finish up more things and we'll see what I find to blog about next Monday!
Until then, weave on! My loom's empty right now and may stay that way for a week but after that, it's going to be rugs! Looking forward to that and doing some stash busting!! It's either that or buy a storage shed. Guess what DH is hoping for?!

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