Monday, November 18, 2013

Foothills Guild Show

Thursday we set up for the Foothills Craft Guild Show. We had decided to have a 15 foot booth to hold all the items we would be offering for sale as Tuesday Weavers. Cindy, Christy, and Eiko set everything up with help from Allan (who hauled all the display pieces down to Knoxville from Norris) and Cindy's husband, Chuck. I think they did a very good job making it all look so nice!!
 They had made signs to show what we had for sale. I like that because it directs your eye to the pieces. I think we'll try to have these signs in the shop too. Not everyone knows that we do runners besides placemats!
 A big hit was a new design that Betsy had done, weaving bags for people using walkers. They were much admired and purchased.
 Their booth is set up right next to mine so that we could keep an eye on each other!
One of the reasons we have a bigger booth is because we demonstrate during the show. Eiko had put a narrow warp on the wolf pup and wove some mug rugs the day she was there. Others wove as well. With so many of us, there was a different crew each day taking turns selling the goods!
 It's always fun to look at the pictures I take before the show because of the number of things that don't come home with me after the show! It's so good to have items find new homes, people appreciating our work.
 My booth always looks kind of the same but depending on what I have going, different colors on the mannequins. Don't you love the blue tape around my rug? At this show, we can only use painters tape on our rugs. Makes for a colorful display!!
Tomorrow everything will come back to the center and time will be spent reorganizing our display upstairs in the shop. We'll have a debriefing at lunch time! Cindy's been keeping notes and is working up a list for us for next year. Plans already underway for the booth.... It should be exciting to see what the Tuesday Weavers plan for next year!!
So, once I catch my breath and organize my space here at home, I'm putting on a rug warp. My last show is done, I've got a minute to do what I want and that's going to be to use some of my stash and weave rugs for awhile. Nothing fancy, just fun!
Until next week, weave on!!

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