Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All In A Day's Work

Armed with pictures of last year's booth, our fearless weavers started putting together this year's booth on the taped off area of the studio floor.

  They are smiling now....it's starting to take shape, and they can see where the woven goods are going to be.

  Rugs are going to get the CENTER spot....they are not that easy to display, you know?  But, they sure are beautiful.

  Scarves and shawls will be on the left side of the booth.

  I'm sure they will do a wonderful job setting up the booth at Foothills Fine Craft Show.

No sooner than the display pieces started to come down, the weavers were moving the looms into position to get some weaving done.

  We're just lucky we don't have whiplash!!! 

Margi had been at an Estate Sale this weekend, and got some bags with fabric....which Carol went through to see if we could use any of it for weaving.

  And, we have the on-going committee that is measuring the looms to get an accurate footprint for each loom.  Lanny and Allan are on the Building Committee, and they have a big meeting coming up soon!

  Besides getting a thread order together for Yarn Barn, Betsy got her warp tied back on and was ready to start weaving more placemats.

Both Lindas avoided the camera:  one by just weaving away, the second stayed busy cutting blue jeans legs!

  Guess who was quietly weaving with all the chaos going on in the studio????  Carl was content to just weave away on the wonderful old barn loom.  Never fear....he'll do his part at the Foothills show on Saturday.  He'll be demonstrating weaving on one of the Pups.  That is always an attention getter!

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Good luck at the show!

Theresa said...

Best of luck for a wonderful and profitable show!