Monday, November 25, 2013

Love Donations!!

My last show is over. Life should be settling down for awhile before chaos hits my studio again!! It's not!
Friday I was at my lace guild meeting. One of the lacers sews draperies for a living. She'd been threatening to bring some of the fabrics she couldn't use anymore to see if we could use it for rugs. Friday she filled the back of my van. It's going to stay there til I have a chance to look at it before bringing any to the center. She brought me 4 boxes several months earlier that I haven't gone through yet either. It's on the top of my list of things to do when....
 Tuesday Weavers have this little kit we make to sell. They're straw looms, straws contain the acrylic yarn warp and provides stabilization for the weft to be woven around the warp threads. We sold a bunch at the museum show. We didn't think we'd sell a ton last weekend at the Foothills Show but we took most of what we had anyway. We came home with one kit! So during lunch Tuesday we decided that this Tuesday we'll make more kits. LouAnn is buying things like straws and baggies for the kits and is printing the directions. We were asked to each buy a couple of balls of Red Heart yarn, preferrably variegated because they look so cool and kids love them! Roz can't make it Tuesday so she dropped off the ones she'd bought and I picked up a few as well. If everyone brings a couple, we'll have the makings of alot of kits, just what we need for the Christmas sales!!
 At lace on Friday, I mentioned that we were making more kits and using Red Heart. Another lacer said that she had alot of yarn, esp Red Heart and would let me have it all to get it out of her house!! We met yesterday afternoon at McDonalds, had a nice chat while having some tea/coffee and I brought this big tub home. I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit and plan to go through it here as well to see what we can use. I have to do it this afternoon, hopefully inside! It's Tennessee's version of cold outside right now.
 So why am I kind of hesitant about going through things? Saturday morning I came down to the studio and right above a table that I use to do things like sort through stuff, well, there was water dripping down. Nothing was damaged but the quick grabbing of a garbage can, moving some boxes, etc and the removal of the ceiling tile to see what the problem was showed us that yes, we have a leak at the joint where the hose goes up to the ice maker on the fridge. Just what we needed........not!!
We turned the water way down Saturday evening when the drip was getting a bit intense so we still have water but sure can't do laundry (forgot to do it Friday!) or shower right now. A plumber's supposed to come this afternoon. If he can fix it quickly, I'll have my table back and can go through the things before tomorrow morning when the weavers meet again!!
I'm heading down to the studio to put a warp on the loom to weave placemats. I'm out. The weddings this past year cleaned me out so I'm weaving more. I know of at least one wedding for May so want to be ready. I'm also working on baby quilts that are easy, quick, fun, flannel baby quilts. They will be so welcome for someone. I'm working on 3 right now but have more on the list.
My week is going to be full!
Keep weaving and enjoy the rest of fall. We have the threat of snow for Wednesday but it probably will miss us. I like that!
Til next week

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LA said...

I've been busy on the printer this morning getting the instruction sheet ready for tomorrow!!!! How wonderful that your friends want to contribute to our little project....but so sad to hear about the leak!