Tuesday, July 23, 2013

YES....It's Tuesday!

We often get visitors in the Studio on Tuesdays....they venture downstairs when they hear all the noise.  One of today's visitors came to find out more about her coverlet that has been passed down to her.  According to an email she received from her cousin, Freda Satterfield found out that it was woven by a great-great grandmother around 1840 in Texas.  We were able to give her the name of some books she might like to check out at the library for further information.  She is truly blessed to have this wonderful gift from the past.

  Andy is making progress on her first back to front warp.  (And, you know that this is NOT her very first warp....just learning a new way!)  It's a good idea to try new methods when you're weaving.  We're always learning new things!

  Several of us worked together to get the 17 yard warp on Carl's barn loom.  That wool sure was sticky....and the warp chain looked like a big ole anaconda under the loom!!!!  But, the warp was wound on before lunch, which means that Carl got it tied on the front apron right after lunch!

  During lunch, LaDonna shared some of her tips for weaving scarves, especially with some of the new painted warps.

Tina brought her newly completed handspun.  She took the Tour deFleece very seriously.

  Ann brought two completed projects from home, too.  The shawl on the left is bamboo, while the shawl on the right was woven on her rigid heddle loom on vacation.

Bonnie was able to be with us today, and she worked on one of the warp dyed shawls that she completed earlier.

Tina and Ann took some time after lunch to move some of the "stuff" that had accumulated back around the barn looms.  For some reason, the paint buckets were stored back there, too!

  Ms. Ila just started a new scarf.  She's using hand dyed angora for the weft....isn't that a great pattern!

  Shirley has her new warp threaded.....she'll be sleying the reed next week and probably start weaving.  I'm looking forward to seeing what pattern she's using!

  Carol is getting ready for her summer trip to visit her family.  She has lots of last minute instructions for us!  (I think she was reminding us not to do too much de-stashing in the Annex!!!!)

Did we promise anything????
Never fear....we'll carry on just fine.

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

What a beautiful coverlet! Sorry I missed that!

Bonnie said...

I guess it is true what "they" say about stress making your hair go gray. With-in a month.