Monday, July 22, 2013

July Guild Fair

I'm a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, so I do the 2 Guild Fairs that they put on each year. The first is in July. It's always the week after the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention. Of course I'm tired but really, I"m used to it, so Wednesday we headed over to set up for the show. DH comes with me to help get the lights right. Then he heads back home to work another day before joining me again for the weekend (to help take those lights down!). The show runs Thursday through Sunday.
My primary view this time was looking at the Haywood Community College Professional Crafters program booth. It's a 2 year school for crafters learning their craft plus how to be business people. Each day there were different people manning the booth. Kind of nice not to have to be there the whole time but once they do just their own work, they'll be there the entire time like us old people!
 The other main direction I was looking at was this view. Woodworkers, metalworker, mixed media plus in the left corner of the space where you see the multi colored drapes...well, that's where the music was. I've been closer but thankfully not this time. They've also toned the music down some so it wasn't as bad as it was say, ten years ago!! I've been at  the other end of the room for a lot of years now so moving back to this area was new for me.
 The other direction was another chair guy and also leather, gorgeous, soft, colorful handbags! They were to die for. There were 4 chair makers in my general area. It's kind of weird how they plan where they put us. All the fiber people were in my general area as well this time.
 So my booth.
 It's always a colorful booth. The lights are tough to get just right and then taking pictures isn't the easiest either.
 Remember those painted warps I did? Well, here are a few of those vests all ready for new homes!
I did sell several of them and others have or are heading to shops that will sell them. It's always nice to move things on to other venues to sell if I don't get them sold at the show.
Again, I came home with empty rubbermaids so know that I'll be working hard once I get back from Canada to get ready for the October show. It's only 3 months away!
Today I'll be finishing up paperwork, etc from this show, figuring out what to take back to the Center for display and just putting things away. Then packing.
Thursday I'll be heading north to Canada again. I'll have my van packed (already got an oil change this morning!) and my trip tik in hand!
So hopefully I'll be able to post from there again. I don't plan to get back down here til nearly the end of August. In talking to my sister last night, looks like it's going to be an interesting time with company and projects planned!
Until then, keep weaving for me!!


Bonnie said...

Empty tubs. Always a good thing leaving a show. Sounds like a success. I really love the way the dyed vests and tops look.

Theresa said...

As always, a beautiful display chock full of lovely handwovens. Which show does best? I would think the fall show at least for woven goods and upcoming holiday giving....

Maggie said...

Did you get your lights fixed, too?