Thursday, July 25, 2013



  I walked in the Loom House at the Museum of Appalachia yesterday, and instantly remembered that I did NOT bring a broom.  The ancient weavers had been busy again during my absence. 
  And, look at all those leaves that got blown down behind the old spool rack!!!  This is right behind where I stand to weave on the rocker loom.

But, on closer inspection, I realized that this was actually a cleverly constructed nest.  The entrance is on the right side, and there was quite a collection of leaves, sticks and moss that made up this home.

  And, then I saw it....the down lined haven for little birds! 

  This mother wove this nest of nature's materials, laid her eggs and nurtured her young to maturity....all in the space of three weeks that I had been away.

  I didn't have the heart to remove the nest, although I did dispatch some of the webs that the other weavers had left for me!!!!

Next time I go, I must remember to take a broom!

I got the warp tied back on the loom, and started on a new rug.  I had a few visitors during the day, and they really seemed to enjoy hearing about this wonderful old loom.

  There were banjo and guitar players on the porch of the house next to me, so it was truly an enjoyable day!

  I must make a confession:  I stopped at my favorite yarn store on the way to the Museum yesterday.  Sandy had posted on Facebook about a new shipment of a yarn made from recycled blue jeans....and I wanted to check that out!  Clinch River Yarn Co. is a dangerous place for fiber lovers...just let me put that out there! 
  Marie, also a Tuesday Weavers, was working yesterday morning, and she showed me the basket of these lovely yarns.  Two skeins of Riveting Worsted followed me home, as well as a skein of Colorando multicolored yarn to use for a accent.
  And, SURPRISE, a new shawl pin just happened to catch my fancy, too! 

Life sure is full of wonderful surprises, don't you think!
Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

You can't be held accountable for yarn that "follows" you home. ;-)

Maggie said...

So, they're yarns made from recycled blue jeans? Sounds like yarn YOU could make! But it also sounds like fun just to knit it, or crochet it, in your case. I love the accent yarn!

That is quite a nest! You know, I just found out that birds can't smell, so you won't disturb them if you touch it. Just thought I'd throw that in there!

Theresa said...

I wouldn't have had the heart to remove the nest either. Come fall you'll know they'll be done with it and might as well clean it out so they can start fresh next year~ :)