Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Could've Just Dyed!

 A couple of weeks ago, Lanny asked me to help him dye some Jagger-Spun Zephyr in a Tennessee Orange.  He wants to make some scarves for friends, and they want them in their favorite team's colors.  I bought some Zephyr, too, and wanted to dye it for knitting shawls and scarves, so we picked a day.  I invited LouAnn and Ann, who both had things to dye.
  We started with Lanny's orange, which looked a little to red to start with, but ended up that lovely shade of Rocky Top orange.  Makes you want to yell "Go Vols," doesn't it?

LouAnn and Ann started experimenting with the Procion dyes LouAnn had gotten from her son's fiance, as well as some I'd bought about a year ago but not used.  LouAnn had some soysilk, and Ann had some bamboo shawls, already woven.  They each had a color scheme in mind, but I think the dye availability might have steered them in slightly different directions.

 After Lanny finished his warp, I asked him to dye some of mine, since I had five wool skeins to dye in the dye pots.  He chose some colors and went outside with the ladies to paint the warps.  I like the looks of this one, with the slight variations in greens.

It looks like LouAnn had a similar color scheme going, with the greens and grays and teals.  It was a lovely morning, sunny with a gentle breeze, but it warmed up as we finished.
  Ann chose Bronze to dye her second shawl (I missed the first one.), and she varied the tones throughout.  It was beautiful when she was done.

We came in for lunch, a potluck salad affair, and Bella was curious about the spread.  We lingered in the air conditioning and had a lovely time.

 But then came time to clean up.  Oh, my goodness!  Artists can be messy!  Actually, Lanny and Ann had to go, but LouAnn and I dyed a little more.  Just as LouAnn finished her last warp, a whopper storm blew in, with lightning, thunder and a stiff wind.  We retreated to the front porch to watch it, though I admit to jumping several times from the crashing thunder.
  Then LouAnn headed back home, and I finished my last warps while it sprinkled.  I should have gotten pictures because, see all those random colors on the kitchen counter? I mixed a lot of them up for my last two warps, and they are quite interesting!  I had to mix up a little more dyes, but I used up all that was left from everyone else's mixing.  It was fun.  I'll post the results later, when I've rinsed everything out.  Right now, my mind is mulling over what they'll all become.
 I also dyed some skeins of Zephyr and some angora.  Missing in the photo are the pecan skein and the tangerine one.  They are lovely, but notice the two turquoise skeins?  Same dye bath together, but one is angora and one is Zephyr.  It's interesting to me how different they came out.  The other is deep magenta, even though it looks very red.  That will be one sexy shawl, won't it?

 Yarn was not all that was dyed today. I'm not surprised about my hands because the gloves were just too hot, sweaty and cumbersome, but I've never dyed my toes before.
  I have salad left over and a lovely rose chilling, so I will wish you a wonderful week, and happy weaving!


LA said...

I'm looking forward to rinsing the warps out tomorrow afternoon! What a great day! (That storm was a GOOD one!!!) Thanks for letting us use your space!

Bonnie said...

Looks like you had a fun day. What beautiful colors.