Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring

  On the evening news, Brian Williams used this quote from John Adams, our second President of the USA.  I didn't realize that this was the beginning of our big celebration traditions. 

  A tradition in Appalachia for the 4th of July is the Anvil Shoot.

Gunpowder is put in a hole in the bottom anvil, and the second anvil is placed on top.  That anvil can go up as much as 150 feet!!!

  They will be having an Anvil Shoot at the Museum of Appalachia today, as well as lots of music and folks demonstrating traditional crafts.  (I will be one of the folks demonstrating--you'll find me at the Loom House!)

I was able to get my new tote on Annee, my Mighty Wolf.  I finally found some hand weights to add tension while I wind on the back beam.  I know some folks use water jugs, but since these all weigh the same, they provide even tension.

I'm calling this my Shades of Gray warp. 
I was surprised by how many pieces of fabric I had that had black & white as the background.  The touches of color ever now and then sure lends a lot of interest.
  I'm looking forward to weaving some tonight when I get home from the Museum.

Happy 4th to All.....


Tina J said...

Hand weights, what a great idea!

Tina J said...

Oh, and I love that rug too!