Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cut It Off Tuesday

 It kept happening all day.

                                                                    "Where's your camera???"  Warps were coming off of looms all over the studio.

     Here a warp, there a warp.
That's FIVE warps that were cut off of looms today!

That means that FIVE weavers will be winding new warps next week!

(Wait a minute......Allan and Andy need to wind warps, too!!!!)

This might get real interesting!!!!!!!!!

 Stay tuned for next week's battle for the warping boards!

Never a dull moment on Tuesdays!

Linda brought her sister, Becky, for a look-see at the Studio.  It's hard to explain to non-weavers the lure of looms and thread and like-minded folks.

Look very closely at Tina's hands.......YES!  It's a flat iron!  The donated balls of fabric strips for rugs needed to be ironed, and Tina found this flat iron at Good Will this morning.  It really does the trick!

Thank you, Cindy!  That extra pair of hands worked perfectly!

                                                            This is Maggie's homegrown lunch!!!!  Even her salad dressing was freshly made!  Weaving isn't Maggie's only talent!

 And now.....for your viewing pleasure......warps around the Studio!!!!

Such a lovely sight!

Happy Weaving!


1 comment:

Maggie said...

Seeing all the warps in one place shows how diverse we are, doesn't it?