Tuesday, July 9, 2013

S S SSummmmeeerrrr Time

Summer time has invaded the Studio!  Vacations and overgrown lawns sometimes call us away from the looms at the Center, but a few of us made our way in the lovely sunshine.  (Actually, sauna would be more like it!!!!  All the rain we have had lately has added to the humidity in the air.)
  Pat did get Carl's warp wound on the mill, and he already has it threaded through the reed.  Andy had her warp on the mill when I left.
  Shirley opted for one of the painted warps for her loom.....no warping board necessary!
  We had guests in the Studio visiting from around the USA.....it's always so much fun telling them about our looms. We even had a visitor asking about signing up for lessons!  Oh, Yes!  This is the place!

Happy Weaving in your neck of the woods!


Maggie said...

A small but happy group! See you all next week, lawn permitting!

Bonnie said...

I made it in today. So good to see my weaving friends. I will miss you all! I HOPE to be there next week.