Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Campers?

 I didn't make it to Weaving on Tuesday.  I was busy getting ready to introduce my daughter and her family to camping, and there is a lot of prep work involved!  Well truthfully, the kids have camped with us, and her husband has been camping before, but not daughter #1.

We arrived at Elkmont campground early Wednesday afternoon, and had our camp set up, just in time to help them with their's when they arrived.  I only took a couple of photos of our trip, and they really do not tell the whole story!

 We had a wonderful time, hiking, biking and playing in the water.  It is just that every night around dinner time, the sky opened up with a deluge!

The first night we had just finished dinner when it started, so we nixed the campfire, and smores and we all went to bed a little early.
The second night, the rain started just a little earlier, and was finished soon after we had eaten.  We coaxed a fire out of a soggy fire pit, and we were able to enjoy those smores, and then something called funky fire.  You put it in the flames after you have finished with the smores, and they make all sorts of unusual colored flames.  Then we pulled out the glow sticks and watched the kids dance all over the campsite!

The next morning the kids took off for home, and Dear One and I stayed one more night.  Once again, it poured during dinner, and then tapered off.  I am glad I make sure I have options for meals.  What I had planned would not have worked with all that rain, so we went with plan B.

We are now back home, and everything is almost put away.   Sure it is true, those pictures don't say it all, or do they!  They do tell you that that family is a bunch of troopers!  Settled in around a roaring campfire, in the rain!

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


LA said...

We didn't get those afternoon showers...but I saw them on the weather map for the mountains! It looks like you had a great time anyway! Just making memories!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like fun. Seems nice to get away from all modern conveniences an just relax and enjoy family.