Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Will Not Surrender!

Whether it's the intricacies of a 720 thread warp, the 91 degrees outside or 91 degrees inside the bakery, I will not surrender!  My mother loves to tell the story of when I was four years old and I desperately wanted to be by my dad while he was target shooting.  I hated the noise, but wanted to sit next to Dad, so she says I squared my shoulders up, ducked my head a little and marched down to the firing line.  When I want something badly enough, I will not surrender!
  Which is why I finished the black-on-black scarf this morning before work, before you were even awake!  You can probably see it only slightly less well than I could while I worked on it.  I had to keep very close track of the pattern because mistakes were hard to see.  Though I think it's my favorite.  They're all going to the sale this fall, the first time I've ever woven something completely for sale, without keeping one for anyone.  That warp is done, and I am planning the next.  Of course, I need to twist fringe and wash the scarves, but I am ready for something besides Blooming Leaf or Lee's Surrender.

 And here is my choice.  The warp is one Lanny dyed for me last week, in tencel and much more variegated than he thought it would be, because he hadn't unchained the warp.  It's lovely, and I think one scarf in the silver tencel and one in the black bamboo will be nice, in a small lace pattern.  The third scarf is TBD as far as weft goes.  You never know!  I might just dye some more tencel, or something completely different.

Dear Lee's Surrender!  How I love it!  The red is done, and the eggplant is halfway up the blooming leaf.  Alas, I won't be in Norris this coming Tuesday, or the next, so I'll have to wait until the middle of August to get going on it again.   In the meantime, I will do some research to find out why it's called what it is.  Where to start?

One photo I took while LouAnn was getting lunch this past Tuesday was of Judy, right after she cut off her placemats.  Just look at the string of them!  You'd never know she's a new weaver!  Congratulations, Judy!
  It's heating up, finally, just as though it's really, truly summer, so stay inside and weave happily!



LA said...

You've been very busy at home with your scarves! I'm a little surprised you can work on the black on black without LOTS of light! I would be cross-eyed!

Bonnie said...

What beautiful scarves. That blue warp turned out great. That will be fun to weave.