Thursday, July 11, 2013


  I was waiting at the service center to find out what in the world is wrong with my car when I got a text from Maggie:  "It's like Christmas!"
  I knew she was talking about her yarn that was dyed yesterday....but I forgot that she had not seen two of the pieces since Lanny had done the dyeing for her.  (She just blogged about this over at Sweet Threads.) 
  This is the bambu shawl warp that I will be rinsing out very shortly.  I also dyed warp and weft for a soysilk scarf.  This will be the first time I have woven with this.

  I was at the Museum of Appalachia last Thursday for the 4th of July celebration, and I noticed just a hint of mildew coming from the cloth beam.  The Loom House is an open air log building, and we have had a ton of rain this year.  In fact, we have already reached our rain total for July--and that was on the 10th!!!!
  Tina and I ran over to the Loom House on Tuesday while we were there picking up lunch, and cut off the three rugs that were finished.  I threw them in the washer with just a wee bit of bleach.  They aren't the most beautiful rugs....but they'll be great for the kitchen!  Folks just want to watch you weave!

  There were lots of folks who came to the Museum for the celebration:  Abe and Mary Lincoln even came!  The rain held off for the most part, and the anvil shoot was the most popular event of the day.  At 2 o'clock, everyone gathered for the Ringing of The Bell.  In fact, it was rung 13 times!!!!

  I was able to get a short clip of the anvil shoot...what a fun event!

 I'm going to go rinse out my warps......maybe it will be like Christmas here, too!

Happy Weaving!


Fran said...

Fun!! May I ask what dye you use for the plant-based, rayon fibres??? Fran

Tuesday Weavers said...

Fran: I used PRO MX Reactive Dye.

Maggie said...

I like those rugs! They look just like something someone would have woven in that cabin. Were you humming that Carly Simon song while you unwound your warp?