Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Around The Globe

  We got one of our globe trotters back safely from her journey--welcome back, Tina!!!  We all got a chance to hear about her adventure and see some pictures (which I'm sure we'll get to see on Friday when she blogs.)
  We also got a chance to stock up on her wonderful eggs!  (I was running low....these were just in the nick of time!)

  And, we had a visitor from Kenya today.  He was interested in learning more about weaving to share with those in his country.

  He spent some time talking to Carl about the rugs on the big barn loom.

And, Tina showed him the rug she wove using the plastic grocery bags.

  I hope he got lots of great ideas to take back to his homeland.

  But, there's still work to get done!  Pat set to work cutting more strips for Marie's place mat warp.  Allan was there to lend a helping hand.

  Roz was able to be with us today....she brought the special yarn order for some of the weavers.

  Cindy finished her sunny yellow towel, and started on the orange towel later in the day.  That will be a favorite in this neck of the woods!!!

Eiko brought some of the bamboo scarves she has been weaving at home.  She also showed us her newest painted warp that will get woven soon.

   Shirley continues to weave along on that lovely warp!

What a whirlwind day with lots of international flavor!!!

Happy Weaving!


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Sharon said...

I cannot begin to imagine your weaving community. It always amazes me.