Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's All Fiber

I played hooky from Tuesday Weavers yesterday to spend the day in my yard.  I mowed, weed whacked and pruned.  And then I got serious about planting.
  I started working part time at the Home Depot in the garden department a couple of weeks ago, and I have to tell you, it's just as dangerous as working in a yarn or fabric store for me.  I've spent $55 each week since I've started, just on plants.  I really need to go back and get some mulch and soil, but it's my day off from both my jobs, and I'd rather spend it away from either of them.
But you can see the fruits of some of my labors.  I planted a line of azaleas in the line of the old hedge on the right side of the house, and I planted this lovely little Pink Breath of Heaven on the left side of the front slope.  Isn't that a great name for a plant?  And it does smell rather heavenly, I must say.
  Today, I needed some friend therapy, so LouAnn and I went to lunch at the Museum of Appalachia.  We each had one of the specials, and they were delicious.  While we were eating and chatting, a storm blew in from the northeast, and it was a nasty one.  We braved the fat sporadic drops to go to the Loom House to clean it out.  I helped LouAnn change the reed in the loom, then sat outside on the Homestead House's porch while she swept the house out.  While I was sitting and watching the rain, one of the peacocks came to the porch to join me.  He eyed me warily the entire time, but sat out the rain with me.
Notice the yarn bomb on the parking sign!

  After we cleaned, LouAnn suggested we go check out Clinch River Yarn Company, a dangerous place for fiber addicts, but I'd never been.  We went, I saw, I purchased.  If you're ever in the neighborhood, it's conveniently close to the Center.  Check them out at  The owner, Sandy, is very talented and very nice.  We spent a lot of time looking around while she spun our yarns into balls, which made my bill go up a little farther, but as LouAnn kept reminding me--and she says I said it to her first--it's all fiber!  And I told myself that I've been working so hard, I have a right to spend a little on myself.

  Just look at my treasures!  Some lovely worsted cotton-rayon-silk for a cardigan, the latest issue of KnitWear, and a pattern for a scarf I saw at the shop.  Lots of fiber therapy for the work-weary!  A lovely reason to sit on the couch, too, which I need.

I'll close with a photo of Leo drinking out of the sink.  No good reason, other than it cracks me up that he drinks out of the sink.  How does he do that?
  Don't spend time practicing it yourself.  Just have a happy week in pursuit of fiber-y goodness!

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LA said...

Leo is so talented!!! I'm glad you were able to get that shot! Thank you for helping me out at the Loom House...I'm counting heddles right now. It was a lovely fiber day!