Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rambling Along

Kimberly Lang, Cristina Lynn and Joyce

  Forgive me if I's been that kind of week!  But, let me bring you up to speed......

  The big unveiling of the table runner for my niece:  Kim had a book signing in Pigeon Forge on Saturday, so I was able to deliver her runner in person.  Here she is with her Sing & Sign partner, Cristina Lynn, and her proud Mom, my sister Joyce.  She will be at the Alabama Book Festival in Montgomery this Saturday....wonder if the runner will go, too???

  It was a wonderful day watching Kim talk to fans, and Cristina sang and strummed her guitar.  Folks would wander by and stop and chat.  What a fun day!

  Then, on the home front, I've been weaving on the place mat warp and the mug rugs.  (Can we say, "Long Warps!")  Or, at least to me, they sure seem like long warps.  The end is not in sight on either one!!!
  And, I'm about to finish up making the linen heddles for the loom at the Museum of Appalachia.  My goal is to finish that tonight so that I can take them up to the Museum tomorrow.  This jig sure looks better than the one I tried to make!

"If I could talk to the animals...."

  As Maggie wrote yesterday, we met up at the Museum for lunch, then I did some cleaning in the Loom House.  (I think some critters spent the winter in that little shelter!)  While I swept the floor, Maggie stayed on the porch next door.
  We also replaced the REED (which is made out of real reeds) with one of my metal reeds.  I got to thinking that the original ones need to be used just for show...not weaving.  I beat very hard when I'm making rugs!
 The loom needs to be ready to weave for Sheep Shearing Day on April 26.

  I was also happy to introduce Maggie to the wonders of the Clinch River Yarn Shop!!!  I, too, found some goodness that needed to come home with me!  I love to stop in and talk with Sandy...and there is always some fiber that needs a new home!

  The paper whites have started their showy display.  The daffodils are gone, and they are the perfect replacement!

  And, finally, my favorite little wildflower:  Jack In the Pulpit! 

I'm always worried that it won't come back, but what a delight to see it pop up in the front bed.  When the tree service trimmed the maple in front of my house, I was worried that the extra sunlight would kill it.  But, so far, it continues to greet me each Spring.

Oh my....I did ramble a bit.  But, I seem to be in and out of house, depending on the weather.  And, I weave in spurts depending on my mood....and what has to be done.

Take some time to enjoy the newness of Spring....and, maybe a little fiber, too!
Happy Weaving!


Kimberly Lang said...

It's gorgeous!! I'm just sad we didn't get a picture of us together with it. :-(

And, no, it's not going to Montgomery. An outdoor event, kids with shave ice and hot dogs... I'd hate to have to kill someone. But it will be gracing my table at the HOD luncheon on June 8!

Bonnie said...

So much to do this time of year.